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                                                    Factors involving fee schedules


  1. Fees shown are based on a 10,000 sq. ft. residential lot in a recorded subdivision.  Larger parcels or more complex surveys will typically cost more.

  2. Commercial properties will usually cost more to survey.

  3. You should always check with local surveyors for previous work or surveys on or near your property.

  4. A LOMA can be a complex issue requiring in depth engineering and/or surveying, thus, be more costly.

  5. There are many factors for determining the fee for a land survey, elevation certificate, and/or LOMA.  Location, terrain, complexity and parcel size are just a few of these factors.

  6. If an engineer or land surveyor’s schedule is slow or busy, her or his fees may vary.

  7. Survey equipment used and location of the survey control, are major factors for quoting a survey. The fees shown represent a simple residential square lot.

  8. Metes and bounds, sectionals, and properties with overgrowth or large structures will typically cost more.

  9. The Client should not base the selection of a surveyor on fees alone.

  10. Please make sure the Surveyor is a Registered Licensed Surveyor with the State of Florida.

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